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The programme’s overall aims are to build in Educators on building their confident to analyse and evaluate educational management issue in holistic approach and enabling them to apply strategic thinking to their solutions and engender in educators the capability of intelligent reflection about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

The PGDEL qualification serves as a progression route for those students, who seek for their academic progression towards a MA qualification specialized in Education Management / Leadership. This could achieve by way of completing their dissertation worth of 60 M-Level credits. Also this program provides the learners with the opportunity to achieve detailed insights in to a range of relevant management subjects at the Postgraduate level. It is intended that the student will come from diverse education range of backgrounds from around the world, so that they will be able to contribute towards and benefit from the essence of the programme, which gives the International nature. The focus of the programme will be on the Senior management issues that are of practical relevance and thus the student will be able to become familiarized with the real world of education leadership and management.

Suitable for Candidates who wish to peruse their career in to senior Management level specialized in Education management, Teaching, Curriculum development. Also, this qualification is suits for candidates who wishing to start or continuing in their own education strategies in order to get the holistic touch about their abilities in education management as world leading entrepreneur.

Program entry requirement are as follows;

1.      Academic Route

An Honours degree from university in relevant subject area or degree equivalent professional qualification such as TKT or other equivalent award from non-UK university.

2.      Combined Route

An Honours degree from UK university or Non-UK university in non-relevant subject area along with two years of experience in relevant area.

3.      Work Experience Route

Five years plus working experience in a relevant subject or Industry area.

Program Duration / Schedule :

  • Fast Track : 09 Months (Classes will be on Thursday, Friday, Saturday in Evening 5:45 PM – 8:00 PM)
  • General Track : 12 Months (Classes wil be only conducted on Sunday – whole day)
  • Sandwich : 12 Months (Once a month in whole week end)
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