Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management (MBA in HRM)

The MBA in HRM strives to build capacity of HR professionals enabling them to strategically align people to work towards overall goals of an organization. This MBA programme will motivate HR professionals to build on their industry experience and widen their horizons in conceptual knowledge, innovative techniques applicable in the field, and enhance their skills to perform more effectively in the HR profession.

What sets us apart from the other MBA programmes:

  • uniqueness as a product of collaboration between the practitioners from the industry and the academia
  • reliance on critical thinking to provide a holistic perspective on management
  • integration of conceptual and experiential learning enabling the participants to add value to the practice of the HRM
  • adoption of learner-friendly methods of delivery where the participants could learn and earn the MBA in HRM at their own pace
  • creation of awareness in diversity as well as cross-cultural issues of management
  • emphasis on adult learning
  • provision of higher educational opportunities for a wide audience across geographical boundaries
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