Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates

Senior Level Management Positions

MBA graduates can acquire jobs at senior levels within the organization or outside; with the help of decision making skills in the sector coupled with the acumen in application of advanced management theories to resolve complex problems.

Management Consultants

The public and private sectors’ organizations require higher level of knowledge to take important strategic decisions. MBA graduates can engage in consulting service to offer analytical support and resolve complex problems so as to facilitate with the smooth management operations within the organization. The MBA graduates can opt for a consulting career in the field of management as a well experienced and qualified professional.

Becoming Academics

A key activity of Management Academics involves teaching and conducting research activities in the same field/ fields parallel. The MBA degree at the IIC University of Technology, Cambodia provides a sound theoretical and empirical foundation to the field Professionals so as to become Academics to extend their contribution over the field of Advanced Management. Upon completion of the MBA degree, the MBA graduates are able to show competency in management research too.

Course Modules

The Program contains eight core modules followed by a mini research component (Thesis) at the end of the eight- month which needs to be completed within last four months.

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